Interview With Brant Hwang - Founder of QueryPie

Published on: April 18, 2024
Shauli Zacks Shauli Zacks
Published on: April 18, 2024

In an insightful interview with SafetyDetectives, Brant Hwang, the founder of QueryPie, shared his motivations and the innovative approach behind his company. Hwang, who began his programming journey at just nine years old, emphasized the dual benefits of accelerating AI while ensuring robust data protection—a pivotal factor as the world shifts from big data to AI-driven technologies. He described QueryPie’s founding as a response to the increasing global demand for compliance with privacy laws, viewing it as an opportunity to impact the market positively. Under his leadership since 2017, QueryPie aims to simplify complex data environments, offering tools that enhance data security and visibility, thereby facilitating safer AI applications. As QueryPie continues to expand globally, Hwang’s vision is to tailor solutions that resonate with the needs and challenges faced by businesses in diverse markets.

Hi Mr. Hwang, can you introduce yourself and talk about what motivated you to found QueryPie?

I have wanted to help organizations accelerate AI while safeguarding personal data, ultimately leading to a win-win situation for both the individuals who provide it and the organizations.

The idea of establishing and growing QueryPie, and being able to contribute realistically to our customers and the market, is very attractive. As we transition from the age of big data to the age of AI, protecting personal data is one of the most important things that every business must do, and countries around the world are increasingly enforcing privacy laws and compliance levels. Isn’t it a wonderful thing?

In fact, I started programming in Basic at the age of 9 and have worked as a developer in various domains including embedded, mobile, and e-commerce. In 2017, I started QueryPie and played an early role as a founder in development, sales, and now focusing on global expansion. I hope to be able to provide practical help based on the needs and voices of more markets.

What is QueryPie’s mission, and how does your platform enhance data protection for your clients?

While the market challenge may be intricate, we believe the solution should be straightforward. Our mission is to provide businesses with easy and secure problem-solving data protection tools.

QueryPie consolidates databases, servers, and Kubernetes clusters both on-premises and in multi-cloud environments. By centralizing data storage and access points, QueryPie increases visibility and security, facilitating the use of data for AI applications.

Therefore, we are here to simplify and enhance data protection for businesses.

What sets QueryPie apart from other data protection platforms currently available in the market?

Our strengths can be summarized as a wide-and-deep, cloud native, all-in-one platform.

Our platform offers a comprehensive range of cloud-native capabilities, supporting a variety of databases from RDBMS to NoSQL, DataWarehouse, and Hadoop-Ecosystem. We ensure compatibility with all database versions, from the oldest to the most recent.

Furthermore, our platform seamlessly integrates with essential solutions such as EDR, IDP, ZTNA, and MDM, forming the core of ZeroTrust principles. QueryPie is a cloud-native solution that caters to IaC, Container, and Declarative APIs.

We provide a unified approach to data access control through DAC(Database Access Controller), SAC (System Access Controller), KAC (Kubernetes Access Controller), and AIDD (AI-based Data Discovery), streamlining authorization and data logging processes for enterprises on a single, efficient platform.

In your view, what are the biggest challenges companies face when securing data in multi-cloud environments?

Similarly, it is important to simplify and manage the complexity of cybersecurity. In theory, it may seem obvious, but it is quite difficult in reality.
In today’s landscape, modern applications are frequently structured as microservice architectures (MSA) and distributed across various databases and cloud platforms.

Organizations often struggle to maintain a clear understanding of the personal data they possess, its location within different cloud environments and databases, leading to potential compliance violations and large-scale data breaches.

These issues not only jeopardize trust and raise legal concerns for organizations but also hinder their operational continuity.

Hence, companies must consistently monitor and assess the data they hold, ensuring proper user authorization. By adhering to these practices, a substantial portion of the threats to a company’s IT assets can be mitigated.

How is artificial intelligence integrated into QueryPie’s services, and what benefits does it bring?

QueryPie has the capability to identify user misconduct by analyzing log information. If a user exhibits unusual data access patterns or executes commands that compromise file security, the A.I. system can promptly alert the administrator or suspend the account. This feature is referred to as “QueryPie Threat Intelligence.”

What are some of the emerging trends in cloud data protection that businesses should be aware of?

Zero Trust is currently one of the most rapidly growing security architectures worldwide.

Implementing Zero Trust properly and ensuring a secure environment consistently can be challenging. It is not a one-time deployment but requires ongoing updates to solutions and policy management. It is crucial to comprehend the different components of Zero Trust and aim to adhere to the Zero Trust Maturity Model.

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Shauli Zacks
Published on: April 18, 2024

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