8 Best Soap2Day Alternatives in 2024: 100% Free & Secure

Updated on: April 3, 2024
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Raven Wu Raven Wu
Updated on: April 3, 2024

Short on time? Here’s the best Soap2Day alternative in 2024:

  • YouTube. There are several YouTube channels where you can stream movies for free, such as Public Domain Films, Cult Cinema Classics, and Popcornflix. If you live in the US, you can also use YouTube Movies, which has an extensive library of older titles. I recommend watching free movies on YouTube with a VPN like ExpressVPN, which secures your streaming and prevents your ISP (Internet Service Provider) from throttling your speeds.

I don’t recommend streaming on Soap2Day because it’s an illegal site that hosts copyrighted content without the permission of the copyright holders. This is why the site is down a lot and regularly changes domains. Plus, some sites like Soap2Day collect a lot of information about you and may contain malicious ads that can infect your device.

Fortunately, I found some free, 100% legal, and safe alternatives to Soap2Day. The free sites I recommend below have diverse libraries that are updated frequently, provide high-quality videos, and are very easy to use.

In the article below, I also recommend my favorite VPNs for streaming and explain why I think it’s important to use a VPN when watching your favorite movies and TV series on Soap2Day-like sites.


We at SafetyDetectives don’t condone copyright infringement or any illegal behavior. The VPNs I recommend below won’t see or log your online activities, meaning it’s up to you to follow all applicable rules and regulations when streaming movies and TV shows on sites like Soap2Day.

Is Soap2Day Legal?

Soap2Day isn’t legal in most countries because it hosts and links to media content that’s copyrighted, without the permission of the copyright holders. This is why Soap2Day and sites like it are taken down regularly and are banned in several countries.

By using Soap2Day (and other sites that stream pirated content), you may be putting yourself at legal risk. This could be true even if you’re just watching and not sharing or profiting off of the content.

Whether or not streaming on Soap2Day is safe depends entirely on where you live — some countries are more stringent in their enforcement of copyright laws, some don’t have any piracy laws, and in other countries, it’s entirely legal to download or watch pirated content, so long as it’s just for your personal use.

Neither I nor any of my colleagues condone copyright infringement, so we urge you to seek legal and authorized streaming platforms to enjoy movies and TV shows, no matter where you are. They’re a lot safer than illegal sites and support creators.

Legality of Piracy Country
No law/Legal for personal use Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Marshall Islands, Somalia
Illegal but not prosecuted Brazil, Columbia, Argentina, Canada, Egypt, India, Mexico, the Netherlands, Russia, Uruguay, Singapore, Denmark, The Netherlands, Greece, Czech Republic, Iran, India, the Philippines
Illegal and prosecuted Australia, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Finland, Malaysia, South Korea, the UK, the US, UAE

8 Best Free & Legal Soap2Day Alternatives in 2024

1. YouTube

8 Best Free & Legal Soap2Day Alternatives in 2024

YouTube is the best free and legal alternative to Soap2Day. You can watch movies for free with ads on various channels, such as Public Domain Films, Cult Cinema Classics, Korean Classic Films, Mosfilm, PizzaFlix, and Popcornflix. You can also find a lot of free films on YouTube Movies (as my US colleagues confirmed), which is only available in the US.

I like how YouTube offers a lot of popular films from the 1960s to ones that were released within the last year or two. While there are some obscure movies, many of the free ones were blockbuster films, such as Ghostbusters, The Wedding Singer, and Jack Reacher, which starred Tom Cruise.

YouTube is owned by Google, which collects information about you, including what videos you watch on YouTube, and uses it to target you with ads and to recommend similar videos, so it’s not very good for privacy. That said, YouTube doesn’t sell any of your data, and it’s possible to turn off personalized ads and watch history in your account settings.

2. Tubi

8 Best Free & Legal Soap2Day Alternatives in 2024

Tubi is a great Soap2Day alternative for viewers in the US, Canada, Australia, and Mexico. My international colleagues confirmed that its library contains popular movies and TV shows from as recent as the current year. Plus, there’s a Tubi Kids site that offers only kid-friendly content. Do keep in mind that the available titles may differ from region to region due to licensing restrictions.

I was most impressed with the selection of TV shows, which include current episodes of Hells Kitchen and past hits like Scandal and Gotham. My colleague in the US reported that the family options are pretty good and include titles like Madagascar, Leap!, and Annie (with Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz).

You can stream on Tubi without signing up for an account, which is convenient and good for privacy. But the site does automatically collect some personal information still. This includes your activity on the site (what you watch, for example) and your IP address. And the information the site collects about you may be shared with third parties, like advertisers and Tubi’s business partners.

3. Crackle

8 Best Free & Legal Soap2Day Alternatives in 2024

Crackle is a good Soap2Day alternative for people living in the US. It has an extensive library of movies and TV shows, and I found the site to be very easy to navigate. You can filter searches by movies and TV shows, and each one has 20+ subcategories to find your genre (action, comedy, anime, and family).

Creating an account on Crackle is optional, but having one gives you access to some extra features, like parental controls, and the ability to build a watchlist, and the site will automatically save your watch progress.

The main downsides of Crackle are its lack of in-depth filtering options — all you can do is select the genre of movie/TV show, and the fact that it plays in-stream ads. In addition, I didn’t recognize as many titles on Crackle as I did on YouTube or Tubi.

Crackle collects some personal information, including your IP address and your activities on the site, and it shares this information with advertising companies and analytics providers.

4. SBS on Demand

8 Best Free & Legal Soap2Day Alternatives in 2024

SBS On Demand is an excellent free streaming site for people living in Australia (it doesn’t serve users in other countries).

I like that it has content from a variety of different countries and not just Hollywood films and that they all come with English subtitles. Many of its titles also offer Mandarin subtitles.

To use SBS On Demand, you have to create an account. You can also sign in using your Apple, Facebook, or Google account.

Besides any information you provide during the registration process, SBS On Demand also collects some other personal information like your usage activity and IP address. This information may be shared with third parties for advertising and analytics purposes.

5. Popcornflix

8 Best Free & Legal Soap2Day Alternatives in 2024

Popcornflix is a great pick for fans of the action, crime, and thriller genres. It also has a nice interface, and it’s very easy to browse titles on the site. However, compared to some of the other sites on this list, its catalog doesn’t feature many recognizable titles. That said, you may just discover some unexpected gems, such as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Popcornflix collects the usual information from users, such as what you watch on the site and your IP address, and this information is used to improve its services and personalize your ads.

Popcornflix is only available to users in the US and Canada, but you can also find it on YouTube. The selection there is a little smaller, but the channel is available internationally.

6. Fandango at Home

8 Best Free & Legal Soap2Day Alternatives in 2024

Fandango at Home (formerly Vudu) offers ad-supported free content as well as titles to buy and rent that is only available in the US.

I really like Fandango at Home’s filtering function — you can filter by cost or the title’s rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It also lets you set multiple filters at the same time, so you can sort results by cost, release date, and rating on Rotten Tomatoes to significantly narrow your search.

You have to create an account to use the platform, and the signup process requires you to provide a valid email address. It also collects other personal information, like your usage activity and IP address, and it may share this information with third parties.

7. Xumo

8 Best Free & Legal Soap2Day Alternatives in 2024

Xumo is great if you like TV shows ranging from reality shows to documentaries for people in the US (it’s not available internationally). It also has a decent collection of movies that includes Xumo originals and exclusives plus some lesser-known titles. The site is a breeze to navigate as well and doesn’t require you to create an account to use it.

Like most streaming sites, Xumo does collect and share your personal information, but I like how it provides an easily accessible way to opt out of the sale and sharing of your personal information as well as personalized ads (all you have to do is uncheck a box).

8. Pluto TV

8 Best Free & Legal Soap2Day Alternatives in 2024

Pluto TV lets you watch movies and TV shows live or on demand. This means you can either search for a particular title you want to watch or get the traditional TV experience by just watching what’s on at the moment on one of its live channels.

Its collection may not have the latest hits, but it does include some big names old and new and is updated every month with new titles.

You don’t need to create an account to watch Pluto TV, but it collects information about your IP address and site usage, which it may share with other companies.

Why You Need a VPN for Legal Streaming Sites

Using a VPN for legal streaming sites enhances your privacy and security. VPNs encrypt your entire online traffic, making all of the data you transmit unreadable to anyone who might be snooping. Your ISP, government, and cybercriminals won’t be able to see what site you’re on or what you’re watching.

This also stops your ISP from throttling your connection speeds when you’re streaming. Some ISPs slow down their users’ speeds when they engage in bandwidth-heavy activities, like watching movies online in high quality. Since they won’t be able to see what you’re doing online, you’ll be able to enjoy the fastest possible speeds you can get.

Finally, VPN hides your real IP address behind an IP address owned by the VPN provider. Many streaming sites that log IP addresses will instead log the IP address of the VPN server you’re connected to, so none of the streaming activity could be traced back to you.

Quick summary of the best VPNs for streaming on legal:

  • 1. 🥇ExpressVPN — Best overall VPN for watching movies & TV shows on free and legal Soap2Day alternatives.
  • 2. 🥈Private Internet Access — Excellent for streaming on legal sites in the US (great server coverage).
  • 3. 🥉CyberGhost VPN — User-friendly VPN for legal streaming sites (good for beginners + fast speeds).

Are Streaming Sites Like Soap2Day Safe?

Free movie and TV show streaming sites like Soap2Day aren’t safe compared to official free streaming sites, like the ones I picked out for this article.

The biggest problem with Soap2Day and similar pirated sites is that they host and link to copyrighted content without permission from the copyright holder, which is illegal. And while most countries only go after the operators of illegal streaming sites rather than the users, in countries with stricter copyright enforcement, you could face steep fines or worse penalties for streaming or downloading pirated content.

Sites like Soap2Day are often home to malicious links as well, so using one could expose your device to malware and you to phishing attempts, which aim to steal your personal information.

The best way to avoid both legal and security issues like these is to watch movies and TV shows on official streaming platforms. You can also enhance your online privacy and security by using a good VPN.

Here are some other tips to keep yourself safe online: download files only from legitimate sources, never click on dubious links or ads, and install a good antivirus program, which will remove any malware that does manage to get on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best Soap2Day alternative?

YouTube is the best free and legal Soap2Day alternative. You can find a surprising amount of full movies for free on various channels, including Public Domain Films, Cult Cinema Classics, Korean Classic Films, Mosfilm, PizzaFlix, and Popcornflix, and if you live in the US, you can also make use of YouTube Movies, where you can watch a ton of films and TV shows free with ads.

Is Soap2Day blocked?

Soap2Day is blocked in some countries because it’s an illegal streaming site that hosts copyrighted content. The site is frequently shut down for the same reason. And while there are many copies out there, it can be difficult to tell legitimate ones apart from fake sites that try to infect your device with malware or steal your personal information, so it’s not a very safe or reliable place to watch movies and TV shows for free.

I recommend opting for legal Soap2Day alternatives and using a good streaming VPN to make sure your connection is secure.

Is Soap2Day safe to use?

Soap2Day isn’t safe to use. It hosts and links to pirated media content, so you could get into legal trouble for using the site. Illegal streaming sites like Soap2Day also have very poor security — many of them contain malicious links that could infect your device with malware or send you to a phishing site that will attempt to steal your personal information.

This is why it’s very important to use a good streaming VPN to protect your online connections and why it’s better to use legal and free streaming sites.

Where can I watch movies and TV shows for free?

The best places to watch movies and TV shows for free are official streaming sites, like the ones on my list. Not only are these sites completely legal, so you don’t have to worry about copyright infringement, they don’t contain any broken or malicious links, and tend to offer higher quality videos.

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