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SafetyDetectives recently interviewed Benedikt Böringer, Co-founder of jamie, a platform that addresses the frustration of time-consuming meeting note-taking. jamie works silently in the background, providing automated, topic-sorted summaries in over 15 languages, including action items and decisions.

Böringer emphasizes the pivotal role of AI, like jamie, in automating tasks and enabling individuals to focus on meaningful work. The platform excels in handling ambiguous meeting discussions, creating topic-sorted notes in unstructured conversations. Böringer foresees a growing emphasis on creative problem-solving as a key skill in the evolving landscape of organizations, particularly in AI and data analytics. He stresses the importance of companies being intentional and transparent about data collection to address privacy concerns and build trust.

Can you tell me a little about your journey and what motivated you to co-found jamie?

We co-founded jamie out of our own frustration. Taking meeting notes was a task which was extremely important to us while working on a previous venture, but which just consumed a lot of time and focus. After extensive market research we realised that there was no solution that solved the problem we experienced and therefore decided to build our own, jamie.

What are the core benefits of using jamie?

jamie eliminates busy work for you. Taking meeting notes is extremely time consuming and it’s hard to focus on the conversation, while taking notes simultaneously. jamie works silently in the background and does not join meetings as a bot. Additionally, it works across more than 15 languages and even at in person meetings. jamie provides you with an automated and topic sorted summary including action items and decisions.

How does jamie handle ambiguous or unclear meeting discussions?

jamie can create topic sorted notes. Even if the conversation is unstructured and participants are jumping between one topic to another, jamie detects the topics and sorts the notes for you.

How do you see the role of AI in the business and communication landscape evolving over the next five years?

AI will play a crucial role in our future and way we work. We can already see that impact today. Several tasks will be automated, which will create space for individuals to focus on tasks that really matter.

How can companies balance the need for AI insights with the privacy concerns related to data access and processing?

Companies need to be intentional about the data they collect, prioritizing necessity over excess. Communicating transparently what data is being collected and why it is being collected, is crucial for building trust.

How do you see the evolution of skills and roles within organizations, particularly around AI and data analytics?

In the ongoing evolution of organizations and in the space of AI, the emphasis on creative problem-solving as a key skill is expected to grow. With the automation of certain hard skills through AI and the increasing prevalence of tools in AI and data analytics, creative utilization of these technologies will become increasingly important. Finding innovative ways to leverage these tools will be a defining factor in navigating the evolving landscape of skills and roles within organizations.

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About the Author

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