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Intego Antivirus Review 2020 - Is It Worth Your Money? 

Eric C.
Eric C.
Expert on Cyber Security, Fintech, and Cryptocurrency
Our Verdict:

Premium Bundle X9 provides practically everything that a Mac user needs to keep their system running clean and safe. It can also scan for Windows and Linux malware, and the support resources the company provides are outstanding.

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Detailed Expert Review

Mac Premium Bundle X9 is Intego’s all-in-one antivirus, anti-phishing, and anti-spyware program for MacOS. It also features a cleaner and parental controls. Has Intego’s decision to focus exclusively on developing solutions for Mac given it the edge over the competition?


Premium Bundle X9 incorporates VirusBarrier X9, the company’s virus and malware detection tool which has been in production for over ten years. The tool features continuous filesystem monitoring, automatically scanning files as they are created. Interestingly, the program is configured not to delete malware by default. Instead, potentially malicious files are moved into quarantine as soon as they are detected and notifications appear later. I personally liked this approach—the system keeps running at full speed, and viruses are quarantined as they are encountered. The company has adopted a similar approach for definitions updates: without user customization, they occur automatically.

How good is its protection? Intego has a long list of awards and certifications from leading independent testing laboratories. It certainly quarantined my test Mac malware samples without difficulty. In fact, detects and removes almost 100% of macOS malware.

One nice feature of Intego is its ability to detect viruses intended to corrupt Windows and Linux, but users can disable this option. For somebody who frequently downloads those kinds of files for a Mac, it’s great to ensure that the host doesn’t get infected. It’s also nice to scan files that you’re sending to Windows or Linux users as attachments in order to not inadvertently spread malware. Intego also automatically scans and detects malware received on other iOS devices whenever they are connected to the computer.

The only thing missing is a native browser extension. Although most browsers contain some tools for preventing access to known phishing URLs, a proprietary browser extension that integrates with a program provides additional protection.


In addition to the virus scanner, Premium Bundle X9 contains the following features:

NetBarrier X9: NetBarrier provides complete two-way firewall network protection, preventing unauthorized access from other machines on the network and blocking malicious outbound connection attempts. Like Windows, Mac OS X contains a built-in firewall, but NetBarrier is easier to use. It also optimizes the firewall setting for the type of connection you’re using and will choose the most appropriate level of protection (such as your home or a café). I took my laptop to an airport terminal and the settings had automatically tightened; a pop-up window even asked whether I wanted to allow a Skype connection.

Washing Machine: This junk-removal tool removes files that may be slowing down your Mac. It found a sizable 950MB worth of “junk” in my test, which was mostly made up of caches from video and audio editing programs and web browser. Great cleaners allow you to see the results before choosing to delete or keep, and Intego organized its list into categories such as “caches,” “logs,” and “tools.” There’s also a handy slider which allows you to choose whether you want the program to provide a “safe” or “aggressive” list of files for removal.

Content Barrier: Additionally, Protection Bundle includes a parental control tool to protect children online. It also includes a time-limit function so you can control the amount of time that your children are spending online. Additionally, you can configure the program to take automatic screenshots or generate a keylog whenever your children’s user accounts are using certain applications like chat tools. This is a great feature if you are concerned that your children could be meeting potentially dangerous individuals.

Additionally, the Premium Bundle includes Personal Backup 10.9 for automatic backup of files and folders to local or cloud storage devices.

Ease of use

Intego Premium Bundle X9 is a joy to set up and use. All the components are available as one installation package. The tool is well-designed and focuses on producing as few notifications as possible.


Intego provides comprehensive support starting with a detailed knowledge base of both simple and advanced tutorials for getting the most out of the product. A ticketing system allows you to get in touch with their agents if required. Users can submit a malware sample for their team to inspect, and they can log in to track the status of their request. The company also provides live chat support and telephone support in the US, France, and Japan.


Intego Premium Bundle X9 is available with one- and two-year licenses for between one and five devices. Opting for protection against Windows viruses adds a slight surcharge. There’s a 30-day free trial for users who want to evaluate it before purchasing, but in my opinion, the price is fair given the wealth of tools.

Mac Internet Security X9 Mac Premium Bundle X9

Intego Products & Pricing

Mac Internet Security X9
Mac Premium Bundle X9
Operating System
Mac Security
Protects against malware, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, and rootkits
Protects against both Mac and PC malware
Dual protection version for customers who use Windows and Macs
Scans iOS devices for malware
Scans external devices for malware
Protects against network attacks and unknown devices via a sophisticated firewall
Protects against suspicious applications
Increases performance by reclaiming disk space
Monitors application bandwidth
Backs up your essential files and data
Synchronizes files between two Macs for updating
Creates a bootable backup on an external hard drive
Clears caches to save space on your Mac
Eliminates unnecessary system files
Find and removes duplicate files
Organizes desktop files
Organizes dock for frequently used applications
Creates smart folders for quick access to your most important files
Blocks rogue applications from accessing the network
Blocks applications from accessing specific domains
Blocks or filters objectionable web content
Time of day restrictions on network access
Monitors/blocks chats
Monitors/blocks chats
Monitors/restricts applications
Provides chat and web history
Records screenshots and keystrokes
Blocks inappropriate emails
Blocks peer-to-peer activity
Offers remote Web Admin Console access
Custom user configuration allows you to tailor different accounts for each user
Built specifically for the Mac by Mac experts
Clean, easy-to-use interface
Free technical support
Automatic updates for protection against the latest threats, so you always stay secure
Price $24.99 $39.99
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Bottom Line

Premium Bundle X9 provides good all-round protection for Mac users, including a powerful antivirus scanner, parental control filtering, and a junk removal tool. The company’s support resources are outstanding and—particularly at the five-device level—this software represents a good value for money.

About the Author

Eric C.
Eric C.
Expert on Cyber Security, Fintech, and Cryptocurrency

Eric is a professional cyber tech expert with almost a decade of experience writing about security and tech. In recent years, he has been focused heavily on the rapidly developing fintech and cryptocurrency industries and how they relate to online security.

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Feb. 4, 2020 NEW
United States
Great product
Mac User
I started using Intego Internet Security X6 when I got my first mac in 2009. The virusbarrier app really does protect your mac against mac malware. Their firewall "Netbarrier" in my opinion is the best firewall for macs. Just remember, no AV product is a 100%. The biggest factor is people making bad choices.
Sep. 23, 2019
oscar zepeda
oscar zepeda
United States
Would not purchase
Mac User
I used this product exclusively on my Mac’s thinking it was the best because of the marketing line “developed by a company that knows Macs”.
I had it for multiple years until this week when my Mac got infected. X9 happily reported nothing found during full scans, and when I contacted the company they stated their product did have the capability to detect my infection. Well, it did not, and now I’m left with having to rebuild my Mac from scratch and try to extract my photos, documents and video’s from my infected hard drives.
Their support is through email or chat only; established companies will call you as well as perform remote assistance with you through the internet.
There is a reason they say – you get what you pay for.
Don’t buy ...Show More
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