Articles by Felicity Kay

Felicity Kay is SafetyDetectives' resident Cybersecurity expert. A 2x graduate of the University of London, and a trained high-school English teacher, Felicity has years of journalistic and blogging experience.

Felicity's journey to Cybersecurity was a gradual one: after experiencing one hack too many, she decided to invest in a comprehensive antivirus solution.

After a lot of research, she realized that the antivirus market was confusing, crowded - and most importantly, didn't seem to answer her needs. So she tried every and any antivirus software she could.

Antiviruses became her gateway: soon, Felicity began experimenting with

  • VPNs
  • Encrypted chat software
  • Password Managers: again, she personally tried and tested every Password Manager review you see on our site (and you should see them!).

In her spare time, Felicity enjoys learning about VPN solutions and other digital products - her current passion is VoIP), as well as walking her dogs, and writing.