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The Best Password Managers for Small Businesses 2021

You probably have to do pretty much everything – if not everything – yourself when running a small business.

Remembering everything – all of the little tasks, meetings, and admin can be tough – and on top of that, you have to manage the rest of the business.

One easy way to stay on top of things is by saving all of those logins, sensitive details and more to a password manager. That and, because you want to stay secure: business owners have so much to think about, you might find yourself using the same password over and over again instead of creating a unique, secure one for each login. This is a major threat to your business. If a hacker gains access to just one of your accounts, the rest of them are soon to follow. Fortunately, there’s a way to generate secure passwords and keep track of them with a password manager.

To help you find the best password manager for professionals, I took a look at all of the different kinds and hand-picked the ones which are most useful.

The Best Password Manager for Small Businesses 

  1.  LastPass – Best for its Accessibility
  2. Dashlane – Best for its Smart Spaces Feature
  3. RoboForm – Best for its Variety of Storage Options
  4. Keeper – The Best for its Quality of Life Add-ons

To learn more about what makes the best password manager for small businesses, click here.

How We Rate The Best Password Managers for Small Businesses 2021

Now that you have a rundown of what password managers generally consist of, take a look at how we rate each one and what they excel at:

  • Feature Set: What sort of features do they provide? How many are on the free plan and how many must you pay for?
  • Security: Does the manager offer proper security? If so, how does it do so?
  • Pricing: There are all different kinds of payment tiers for password managers. Some provide better features than others, but it’s important to know if the price is worth the product.

The Best Password Managers for Small Businesses 2021 – Updated

1. LastPass – Best for its Accessibility

Why we like it

While you’ve definitely heard of LastPass for its personal plan, you may not have known about its excellent business plan for professionals. What’s great about this software is it differentiates big enterprise businesses from smaller ones, both in terms of price and featureset.

For example, its small business plan, Teams, brings with top-tier tech support, an administrative dashboard, unlimited shares spaces, a personal vault for each employee, and much more. That and there isn’t much in terms of fees either. Each user costs a certain amount per year, and it’s worth paying for all of these extra features.

LastPass – Best for its Accessibility

What you should know

Not only is LastPass great for your workers, but it provides a fantastic onboarding process to get them up and working as fast as possible. That’s right, this software pairs with some top-tier onboarding software like OneLogin, Okta, and even Microsoft’s official ones. Essentially, this means that any current employee (or any future one) can simply go through the process, have an account automatically made for them, and they can start working right afterward.

How it works

After going through the onboarding process yourself, LastPass supports importing from many of the most popular password managers out there. Or, if you’ve never worked with a password manager before, you can simply start browsing around and the manager will automatically capture your information as you enter it.

Visit LastPass

2. Dashlane – Best for its Smart Spaces Feature

Why we like it

Dashlane is a little expensive, especially when compared to LastPass and the others on this list. However, the featureset is more than worth it. To start, Dashlane has something it calls Smart Spaces, which means it gives your small business workers their own private vault on top of their shared business one.

Then, you have its powerful administrative console. Here, you can place each worker into groups which are a great way to organize what they have access to and what they don’t. That, and you can look over their security center scores to make sure everyone has strong passwords to protect your information.

Dashlane – Best for its Smart Spaces Feature

Fortunately, Dashlane has some fantastic encryption features as well, making it near impossible for hackers to break in. On top of this is its dark web monitoring feature, which alerts you if any of your information has been found in this space so you can quickly change it.

What you should know

Like LastPass, Dashlane Business has built-in onboarding that makes your life much easier. Your workers should have no problems getting involved and using Dashlane’s autofill and auto capture to start working securely. That, and you can make sure your information stays safe with Dashlane’s secure password sharing features and two-factor authentication options.

How it works

Dashlane requires you to go through the onboarding process before sending it out to your employees, but the time spent here is worth it thanks to how fast you’ll be browsing securely afterwards. You can also test out the software with a free trial before paying to commit.

Visit Dashlane

3. RoboForm – Best for its Variety of Storage Options

Why we like it

Those who work with password managers know that RoboForm is one of the best personal options due to its fleshed-out feature set, powerful organizational tools, and its reasonable prices. However, that excellence transfers over to this password manager’s business plan as well.

To start, RoboForm Business comes with its own management console that makes it easy to delegate roles, create permission sets, view activity logs, and so much more. Here, you can take a quick glance and understand what your employees have been doing, where they’ve been logging in from, and what they’ve been changing.

What’s great is that your workers can access the RoboForm browser from any device with an internet connection. From there, they can add and update logins, identities, and financial information. That and they’ll have their own private vault to add things to.

RoboForm – Best for its Variety of Storage Options

What you should know

Despite all of its complexities, RoboForm Business has an intuitive onboarding process that makes it easy for anyone to participate regardless of their previous experience with password managers. Then, anyone who’s worked with other managers can simply import their information via a CSV file and get to browsing securely.

How it works

Thanks to its aforementioned onboarding process, RoboForm Business is a fast setup. Once done, simply invite employees and set them into customizable groups via a dropdown menu. Then you all can start uploading files and information without giving it a second thought.

Visit RoboForm

4. Keeper – The Best for its Quality of Life Add-ons

Why we like it

Keeper is another top name in the password manager world. This is thanks partly to its array of add-ons on top of its already powerful base manager. For example, Keeper already gives workers their own private vaults on top of a personal one, brings with roles and file storage, and even an administrative console just like its competitors. However, where Keeper stands out is in its onboarding, reporting, and its KeeperChat add-on.

For onboarding, Keeper provides your small business with a dedicated training specialist that you and workers can contact at any time. This includes questions with the traditional software, or training whenever a new feature comes out. Then, you have its reporting features, which give you an overview of who’s using two-factor authentication, what files employees are uploading to the company vault, and a comprehensive activity log to examine previous versions and even recover an old version in case of emergency.

Keeper – The Best for its Quality of Life Add-ons

Finally, KeeperChat is a powerful add-on that allows your entire team to communicate via an encrypted chat platform. This is something they can access from any device and brings with self-destructing messages, industry standard AES-256 encryption, and zero-knowledge security so your conversations are hidden even from the Keeper team.

What you should know

While the Business Plan comes with everything I’ve mentioned above for a reasonable price, note that the KeeperChat add-on will cost a little extra. This is something you need to make sure to add to your package before committing to Keeper’s password manager for good. However, both the manager and KeeperChat have a free trial for you to test out with your small business before paying up.

How it works

Thanks to the software’s dedicated onboarding specialist, you should have no trouble bringing in your employees after installing Keeper. All you need to do is download and import your information before heading to the admin panel to bring on the rest of your workers and make sure they’re following protocols like two-factor authentication and utilizing KeeperChat to communicate.

Visit Keeper

What Makes a Best Password Manager for Small Businesses 2021?

Most password managers have plans for businesses and enterprise. However, they all come with a ton of different features and charge a variety of different fees for you to gain access. To judge what’s worth your time and what isn’t, you need to understand that some features simply aren’t justifiable while others will give your small business the extra kick it needs.

The Basic Features of the Best Password Managers

When you’re browsing through the different password managers for small businesses, you’ll want to make sure they at least have the following:

  • Security Center: What’s nice about a security center is that it provides an overall view of the strength of your passwords. For example, if you have a mix of weak and strong passwords, this space will show you which need to be changed and which are good as they are.
  • Multi-Device Sync: As a business, you’re more than likely to have a number of employees working with you. You’ll need to make sure that your chosen password manager can sync its information up with all of your workers’ different devices. This includes not only their work computers but mobile devices in case they’re away from the office.
  • Password Sharing: Another key factor since you’ll often be entering in new passwords some employees will need access to but others won’t. Like an administrative login, for example. In this case, you’ll want built-in password sharing so you can securely provide this information with those who need it.

Advanced Features of Password Managers

The aforementioned features are good selling points at the start, but it’s these extra features that make the difference between a good password manager for professionals, and a great one:

  • Administrative Panel: An administrative panel is exactly what you need to maintain your employees. A good admin panel will show you when and where any user has logged in. That and it will show you what they’ve done via an activity log, alongside what type of device they used.
  • Separate Vaults: A fantastic password manager will bring extra value to your workers. This means providing a personal vault to go alongside their work one. That way, employees can keep their private information separate from work while also making sure it stays secure.
  • Quality Onboarding Process: It’s tough enough getting all of your employees to adapt to a new system, let alone getting them to fully understand it. A quality onboarding process, whether it be a video series or a specialized expert, will make bringing on your employees so much easier.
  • Unlimited Device Usage: Some password managers limit their plans to a device or two per user. However, the best managers allow your workers to put the software on as many devices as they’d prefer, meaning they can access work or personal information from wherever they’d like.
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