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Search for the best password manager, and you’re bound to come across Dashlane. As a company, it’s known for continual innovation. In fact, “constant innovation is a necessity, not a luxury” could very well be Dashlane’s motto. 

Dashlane doesn’t just safeguard your passwords. Its newest version protects your entire digital identity

Does that mean that Dashlane’s pricing is worth it? Or would you be better off sticking to its free plan instead? Let’s find out! 

Different Dashlane Pricing Options

Features Free Premium Premium Plus Business
Password storage Up to 50 accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Devices 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Zero-knowledge security model Y Y Y Y
Form and payment autofill Y Y Y Y
Security alerts Y Y Y Y
Password generator and changer Y Y Y Y
Password sharing 5 accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Two- factor authentication Standard U2F with YubiKey support U2F with YubiKey support U2F with YubiKey support
Emergency contact access Y Y Y Y
Secure notes Y Y Y Y
Dark Web Monitoring Y Y Y
Secure file storage Y Y Y
Remote account access Y Y Y
Priority support Y Y Y
Credit monitoring Y
Identity restoration support Y
Identity theft insurance Y
Smart spaces Y
Admin console Y
Reporting Y

The Best Price Option

Dashlane’s premium plan is a bit on the expensive side. However, its innovative features are worth the recent price hike. 

Dark Web Monitoring is an impressive tool, and it never hurts to have access to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) either. 

Option 1: Free

Dashlane free is fairly limited. While this plan won’t cost you a cent, it likely won’t be of much use to you either.

Sure, the free version comes with features such as form and payment autofill, password generator and changer, secure notes, and emergency contact access. It even lets you share your password with five accounts

However, the above details become far less impressive when you realize that this plan stores just 50 passwords. Even worse, you’re restricted to a single device


  • Automatic log-in
  • Auto-imports passwords 
  • Standard 2FA
  • Master password recovery option
  • Change multiple passwords with one click


  • Chat support available only on weekdays
  • No phone support 

Option 2: Premium

For unlimited password storage and device syncing, you’ll need to purchase Dashlane Premium. At $4.99, it certainly isn’t cheap. Nonetheless, with this plan, you get much more than just your typical password manager features. 

Besides secure file storage and advanced two-factor authentication options such as YubiKey, you also gain access to Dark Web Monitoring and a VPN. 

Dark Web Monitoring is a useful function that scours the dark web for suspicious activity. Whenever it comes across accounts that use your credentials, it prompts you to change your passwords.

As for the VPN: It’s a nice bonus seeing how most reliable VPNs are quite costly. 


  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • Priority support
  • Remote account access


  • Expensive 

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Option 3: Premium Plus

Dashlane’s Premium Plus, which will set you back $9.99 a month, comes with all the benefits of the Premium plan.

However, it also includes additional features such as credit monitoring and restorative support in case you fall victim to identity theft. You also get up to $1 million in identity theft insurance

In other words, Premium Plus is all about protecting your identity. 


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Automatic emails upon changes to credit repor


  • Costly 

Option 4: Business

Dashlane Business costs $4 a month per user and comes with all the previously discussed Premium features (except for a VPN). 

This plan also gets you extra add-ons useful exclusively for businesses, such as an admin console for user and policy management.

Furthermore, a feature known as Smart Spaces makes it easy for all users to separate their business and personal data within one account. 


  • 30-day free trial
  • 2FA integration 
  • Affordable 


  • No advanced reporting 

Dashlane has many competitors, yet continually comes out on top thanks to its focus on security. 

That being said, Dashlane’s pricing isn’t great (the premium version is particularly expensive) and its plans are somewhat restrictive. For example, it doesn’t have a family plan

Business-focused users aren’t thrilled with Dashlane either because they’re limited to just one business offering.

If you’re happy with basic password management features and are looking for a more diverse offering, take a look at Dashlane’s competitors such as LastPass or Keeper

Free vs. Paid PMs

Dashlane’s free version is useless, mostly because it limits you to 50 passwords and just one device. 

However, what really concerns us is the plan’s safety. Unlike the premium version, the free plan doesn’t come with Dark Web Monitoring. Consequently, with the free version, you have no way of knowing whether your login credentials are secure or not. 

Furthermore, the free version excludes access to priority support. Nor is there a VPN for WiFi protection, a feature that is available for Premium and Premium Plus users. 

Bottom Line

Dashlane takes its user security very seriously. Its automatic password changing feature means that your accounts are continuously updated and are near-impossible to crack. 

On the other hand, Dashlane’s price hikes are worrying and have deterred many customers, both old and new. For example, its basic plan is more costly than the more advanced plans offered by its competitors. 

Having said that, the company is evidently set on branching out into other areas of cybersecurity. Dashlane’s pricing reflects that. 

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